A candidate applying for membership of Westport Golf Club shall be proposed by one voting Member and seconded by one other voting Member of the Club.  The candidate shall submit a completed application form to the Hon Secretary of the Council for consideration by the Ladies or Mens Committees.  On acceptance of application, the candidate shall become a Member of the Club on payment of the full fees and shall be entitled to the benefits and privileges of such membership.

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Juvenile Between the ages of 9-12 years
Junior Between the age of 13 and 18 years and  in full time education
Student 18 years or over and full time student, at any 3rd level Educational Institution.Playing Handicap issued/maintained
Intermediate   Aged 18-20 and in full or part time employment. Playing Handicap issued/maintained
Intermediate Aged 21-24 and as above. Playing Handicap issued/mantained
Beginner (1) not previously held or entitled to receive a G.U.I./I.L.G.U. handicap
Beginner (2) Year 2, conditions as above
Inter. Beginner Playing Handicap issued and maintained
Overseas Ordinarily reside outside the state.
Distance Ordinarily reside outside Co. Mayo, having all the privileges of full membership.
Country Resident more than 10 miles from Westport G.C. and must be a full member of a G.U.I. / I.L.G.U. affiliated Golf Club
5/Day Use of the facilities of the course and clubhouse from Monday to Friday only, excluding Bank Holidays
Senior A Aged sixty-five or over on Jan.1st and must previously have been a full category A member for at least five years.
Full A Full use of the facilities of the course and clubhouse. Attend and vote at all General meetings of either the men’s or the ladies clubs and all general meetings of the Joint Club
Family A Husband, wife and their children under the age of eighteen years